Muhammadiyah Issues Single Hijriyah Calendar Valid for the Entire World

The Muhammadiyah Central Leadership Tarjih Council launched a Single Global Hijriyah Calendar. This calendar can be applied throughout the world.

"The concept of a Single Global Hijriyah Calendar was prepared with the principle of one day and one Hijriah date throughout the world," said Chairman of PP Muhammadiyah Syamsul Anwar at the PP Muhammadiyah Office, Yogyakarta, Wednesday (21/2/2024), as reported by CNN Indonesia.

Making this global Hijri calendar took quite a long time, including socializing it to the public. “So this is not a simple thing, it takes a long time to understand its importance and to be accepted. So we always make efforts to socialize the Global Hijriyah Calendar. "The Gregorian calendar has only been implemented for three centuries," said Syamsul.

This calendar will begin to be used in the next Hijriah year, namely in 1946 Hijriyah or starting July 7 2024. According to Syamsul, this global Hijriah calendar is deemed necessary because Islamic civilization has been around for 14 centuries but has never had a unique calendar.

"So this global calendar in Islam is mainly used for religious matters, determining fasting and Eid. Therefore, it is necessary to strive for a unified calendar for Muslims throughout the world. "One of the aims of implementing the Single Global Hijriyah Calendar is as a solution for the events of Arafah Day and major holidays," said Syamsul.

Chairman of the Tarjih and Tajdid Council of PP Muhammadiyah Hamim Ilyas added that the publication of the Single Global Hijriyah Calendar will also be discussed at the Tarjih National Conference in Pekalongan, Central Java on 23-25 ​​February 2024.

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