Dozens of 2024 Election Officials Die, Thousands Sick

The General Election Commission (KPU) noted that as of February 19 2024, 71 officers during the 2024 election had died. Meanwhile, 4.567 other people fell ill.

This was conveyed by KPU Chairman Hasyim Asy'ari in a press conference at the Ministry of Health office, Jakarta, Monday (19/2/2024), as reported by Kommpas. "Based on our monitoring, regarding the status or situation of our friends, our friends, ad hoc body election organizers, especially during the peak season where the burden is heavy on February 14 to February 18 2024 at 23.59. "In our records, there are 71 people who died," he said.

Hasyim explained that the details of the 71 people who died consisted of one PPK member at the sub-district level, four PPS members at the village/sub-district level. Then, 42 KPPS members at the TPS level, and 24 linmas.

"There were 24 Linmas who were maintaining the security of vote counting activities at the polling stations who died," said Hasyim.

Meanwhile, those who are sick are 136 people at the sub-district or PPK level, 696 people at the village/district PPS level. “There are 3.371 KPPS members at the TPS level. "There are 364 people who are sick," he said.

Meanwhile, the Indonesian Election Supervisory Agency (Bawaslu) revealed that as many as 13 2024 Election supervisors died from voting day until today. "Thirteen people [died] from February 14 to February 19 currently," said RI Bawaslu member Herwyn Malonda.

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