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Program Dompet Dhuafa Hong Kong (DDHK) is divided into four fields, including Social, Advocacy, Empowerment, and Media

Social programs are assistance that is direct in nature and meets the basic needs of people in need. Our social programs include:
• Direct Assistance
• Shelter Provision Services
• Religious Studies
• Online Consultation
• Prison Visits
• Hospital visits
• Disaster Relief

Provide assistance to migrant workers who have problems. We connect them with the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia, non-governmental organizations, and we accompany them to the police station according to the problems at hand.

To provide work skills for migrant workers, we hold various trainings including:
• Clinic Alquran
• Sewing Training
• School Package
• Massage Training
• Financial Planning Training
• Internet Marketing
We hold these trainings with the aim that they can be independent when they return to Indonesia.

We are active in providing the latest news information on developments in the situation in Hong Kong, Macau, Indonesia and internationally as well as useful articles for migrant workers. We display this information on various media channels such as the Website, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.


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