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January 31 Hong Kong has its first diagonal crossing to make it easier for pedestrians

Minister of Transport and Logistics Lam Sai-hung said that Hong Kong plans to launch the first diagonal pedestrian crossing at the intersection between Sha Kok Road and Yat Tai Road in Sha Tin on the day after next Wednesday, January 31 2024. This was conveyed by Lam via his official blog on the day Saturday (27/1/2024).

"The new crossing facilities, including yellow lines on the road and pedestrian traffic lights, will allow residents to walk shorter distances and save time," Lam wrote, as reported by The Hong Kong Standard.

Lam also said a second diagonal pedestrian crossing is expected to be launched at the intersection between Carnarvon Road and Granville Road in Tsim Sha Tsui in mid-2024. These two intersections were chosen for the pilot scheme because the Department of Transport observed that in practice many residents were already crossing the road diagonally there.

“After considering vehicle and pedestrian flows as well as relevant traffic light equipment, the department found these two points to be appropriate pilot options. "After implementation of the scheme, the department will closely monitor efficiency and collect opinions from pedestrians and drivers to review whether the design should be further improved," Lam said.

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