Tips for managing finances after Eid

DDHK. ORG – Managing finances after Eid Al-Fitr or Lebaran is something to pay attention to. For that reason, it's important to reorganize finance, especially workers who have not received a monthly salary.

Reporting from Okezone, here are three tips on managing finances after Eid:

Tips First, Record Each Expenditure

Certainly a lot of needs issued from Ramadan to Eid. Starting from basic needs, special food during Eid, parcels sent to families, to spending red packets for children. Record all of the expenses above.

With this note, the public can find out which posts have increased spending during Eid al-Fitr. These notes can also be a reference for managing money after Ramadan and Eid.

Second Tips, Limiting Spending

The Eid moment is often a shopping “crazy” moment for some people. The community can control this desire by buying needs that were only recorded before.

This method will help you so that your finances don't run low after Eid. Count all the funds you have, but make sure the funds have been set aside for investment purposes.

Tip Three, Rearrange the Budget

Analysis of financial conditions by making a list of needs. By knowing the financial condition after Lebaran, people can re-balance the remaining income and expenses.

Make sure, record what are the basic monthly needs after Eid Al-Fitr, as well as the routine installments that must be paid every month. Examine all necessary expenses, don't miss them and don't forget to save.

According to the Financial Planner from Education Planning Partners (MRE) Mike Rini, the importance of separating monthly needs paid from salary with activities at the moment of Eid paid from THR.

"So when the Hari Raya celebrations are over, you don't have to worry about where the money comes from, right? There is still a salary that is intended to pay for routine activities or monthly routine expenses. So if for Hari Raya there is no payment from salary. In the end, the salary is complete, right," he said.

However, if this has happened, you can manage your finances in a frugal way.

Where, the remaining funds are attempted to be sufficient for various needs that must be met before payday

"If it's already done, it means we count how many days we have to fund before payday. This means that the count is still 15 days, every day we go out to pay for groceries for the kitchen, transportation to the office. The point is approximately how much is the daily expenditure," he said. [DDHK News]

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