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Here's How to Properly Brew Tea Expert Says

DDHK. ORG Until now, tea is a drink that is quite popular. How to brew tea is easy, but there are things that need to be considered so that the tea brew is perfect. So says the expert.

Reporting from SecondsBesides coffee, tea is also a much-loved drink. How to brew tea does look much easier than brewing coffee. But behind that, there are several things that can make concoctions tea is perfect. As explained by this tea expert.

A tea expert named Jane Malyon reveals easy tips for making the perfect cup of tea. Launching (24/04), the 66-year-old woman owns a company that sells several tea parcels with different variations of tea. It also offers scones, jams and sandwiches.

According to Jane Malyon, there is a perfect way to enjoy tea. Besides being drunk directly, tea is also often added with several ingredients to enhance the taste. One of the popular ones, milk.

But when making this concoction, Jane revealed that the milk could not go in first. Instead of pouring hot water into a cup filled with tea, according to Jane, a better tea concoction is by boiling it directly in the teapot.

Di several countries, tea has become part of their culture. Apart from China, British people also think that tea is an inherent part of their blood.

"Tea is in the blood of the British," he concluded.

No wonder Queen Elizabeth II and the British royal family made tea their daily drink.

If you've brewed tea but it's cold, Jane forbids reheating it in the microwave. Reheating with an electric kettle is also prohibited. According to him it is better to use the traditional way.

The method suggested by Jane is not only about the end result, but the "ritual" of making this tea also makes it taste better.

Jane suggests preheating a pot of water before boiling the tea leaves. Do not wait for the kettle to completely boil. Just before the water boils, add the tea leaves to prevent the leaves from being scalded.

Because after boiling water, the oxygen will disappear and the taste will not be the same as fresh water. Another thing that is often doubted is whether the milk comes in first or last. But Jane revealed that milk should always go in last.

Jane explains, "A lot of people like to put the milk in first and discover the different tastes."

"But until you add milk, you won't know how strong the tea is," he continued.

This method can be applied by everyone who wants to make their milk tea have the perfect taste. [DDHK News]

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