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Super Saola Storm Approaching, Tomorrow Hong Kong T8

The Hong Kong Observatory has warned the public to take all necessary precautions. This is related to the agency's plan to issue a No. hurricane signal. 8 (T8) tomorrow, Friday (1/9/2023).

Strong wind signal No. 3 (T3) was issued by the Hong Kong Observatory at 15.40:15.00 p.m. on Thursday as Super Storm Saola approached the Land of Concrete. By 390:10 pm, the storm was estimated to be about XNUMX kilometers east-southeast of Hong Kong and expected to move west-northwest at about XNUMX kilometers per hour across the northeastern part of the South China Sea towards the east coast of Guangdong.

“According to current estimates, Saola will be somewhat close to Hong Kong tomorrow (Sept 1) and will pose a threat to Hong Kong. The Observatory will issue a Gale Signal or Hurricane No. 8 tomorrow,” said weather forecasters from the Hong Kong Observatory, as reported by RTHK.

Forecasters also said that the local weather is expected to deteriorate significantly, with heavy rains and strong winds, by noon tomorrow.

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