The Law of Sacrifice

The ruling on slaughtering sacrificial animals according to Jumhur or the majority of scholars from among the Shafi'iyyah, Hanabilah, the strongest opinion among the Malikiyyah, and one of the opinions of Imam Abu Yusuf Al-Hanafi is Sunnah Muakkad for those who have plenty of sustenance. Whereas for Imam Abu Hanifah, the law of sacrifice is obligatory for those who can afford it.

From the scope of implementation in performing this worship, the Sunnah law here is divided into 2:
1. The Sunnah of 'Ainiyyah, namely the sunnah that is carried out by everyone who can afford it.
2. Sunnah Kifaiyah, namely the sunnah carried out by someone who has responsibility in a family by slaughtering 1 or 2 tails for all the family in the house.

Especially for the Prophet Muhammad SAW, worship which was prescribed in the 2nd year of Hijriyah is obligatory. As with other sunnah worship for the people, while for the Prophet Muhammad it is mandatory, such as fasting and other sunnah prayers. (Reference: Fajar & Fauzi. 2018. Sacrifice Guide. Dompet Dhuafa)

May Allah make it easy for us to carry out righteous deeds in the first 10 months of Dzulhijjah.

26 Dzulqaidah 1444 H / 15 June 2023 (AFQ)

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