This is the List of Mandatory Quarantine Hotels in Hong Kong, Valid until 20 August 2021

DDHK.ORG - The Hong Kong government, Thursday (20/5/2021) updated the list of quarantine hotels designated for the fourth cycle. A total of 31 hotels will provide about 8.500 rooms in the new cycle, with a contract period running from 20 June to 31 August.

"The government issued a letter to about 2.000 hotels with valid hotel or guest house permits on May 4 inviting them to register as quarantine designated hotels in the fourth cycle," a spokesman for the Hong Kong Government said, via a press release on its official website.

The government has also accepted applications from 48 hotels. "After the assessment, 31 hotels, including 30 in the third cycle, were selected as the designated quarantine hotels for the fourth cycle to provide about 8.500 rooms of various types and rates for entrants to Hong Kong from places other than Mainland China and Macau," said the spokesperson.

It said the Hong Kong government would continue to provide more hotels offering cheaper room rates in this new cycle after considering market demand. The number of hotels offering room rates at HK $ 500 per night or less increased from 13 to 17.

In order to further prevent the entry of COVID-19 cases and reduce contact between new arrivals and the local community, the Government fully implemented the Designated Hotel Quarantine Scheme and the Designated Transport Scheme as of 22 December 2020. This policy requires all new people arriving in Hong Kong from certain places undergo mandatory quarantine at designated quarantine hotels.

The first and second cycle of the Scheme involved 36 hotels each and ended on 19 February and 20 April. There are 30 hotels in the third cycle which ends on June 19.

A list of hotels designated in the fourth cycle and related details including room rates can be found at and As for the list of hotels in the third cycle that is still valid until June 19, 2021, the following room rates per night can be seen at [DDHK News]

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