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Get to know the Parts of the Grand Mosque and the Kaaba

(Serial Study Towards the 2023 Hajj Season)


DDHK. ORG – Masjid Al Haram is the main destination in worship pilgrimage. Mosque This place is in the center of Mecca and is the holiest place for the people Muslim. Each part of the Grand Mosque has its own history and priorities. Here are the parts of the Grand Mosque that we need to know.

The first is the Hajar Aswad

Hajar Aswad is located east of the Kaaba. The Kaaba is believed to be a stone that comes from heaven. It is said that the Black Stone used to be white. However, due to human sins, this stone turns black. When visiting the Grand Mosque, worshipers are encouraged to kiss it. However, if this is not possible, just touch it or give a gesture with your hand or finger.

The second part, namely Maqam Ibrahim

This place is inside the Grand Mosque, precisely on the east side of the Kaaba. Even though it is named Maqam Ibrahim, this place is actually not the tomb of Prophet Abraham, but a foothold for Prophet Abraham when building the Kaaba. When visiting the holy land, pilgrims are encouraged to pray at the back of Maqam Ibrahim.

Third, Hijir Ismail

This place in history is the residence of the Prophet Ismail. When in this place which is on the north side of the Kaaba, to be precise, between the Shami Pillars and also the Iraqi Pillars, the congregation is encouraged to pray while wearing ihram, then facing towards Mizab Ar-Rahman. It is believed that praying at Hijir Ismail is the same as praying inside the Kaaba.

Hijir Ismail is a place to the north of the Kaaba building, semicircular in shape, built by the Prophet Ismail alaihissalam, including a Muslim holy building. The Kaaba itself as a whole was built by Prophet Ibrahim, then Prophet Ismail came to help his father, carrying stones.

Fourth, Mizab Ar Rahman

Mizab Ar-Rahman is a gutter above the Kaaba. When here, the congregation is encouraged to pray facing the Mizab.

Fifth, Syadzarwan

Shadzarwan is the part that is around the walls of the Kaaba, to be precise the lower lip of the Kaaba foundation.

Sixth, Multazam

Multazam is part of the Grand Mosque which is believed to be an efficacious place to pray. This place is between the Black Stone and also the door of the Kaaba. This Multazam is part of the wall of the Kaaba. In a history it is said that if people repent and ask for forgiveness here, Allah will grant their forgiveness.

Multazam is the wall of the Kaaba which is between the Black Stone and the Kaaba door. This place is believed by Muslims as an efficacious place to pray to Allah. So special is it that it's no wonder this place is hunted by pilgrims and Umrah pilgrims after performing their tawaf

Seventh, the pillars of Yamani

The Yamani pillar is on the southwest side of the Kaaba, to be precise, before the Black Stone from the direction where the tawaf is performed. This place is in the direction of Yemen, therefore it is called the Pillars of Yamani. When in the Yamani Rukun, the congregation is advised to wipe it. However, it is not prescribed for the congregation to kiss, direct hand signals, or rub their hands over their face after wiping it. [DDHK News]

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