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Cantonese for Vegetables

DDHK. ORG – Vegetables are a general term for plant foodstuffs which usually contain a high water content, which can be consumed after being cooked or processed using certain techniques, or in a fresh state.

Vegetables has many benefits, including preventing and reducing excess stress, facilitating bowel movements, preventing heart disease and cancer, maintaining a balanced body weight, a source of energy for the body, cleansing toxins in the body (detoxification), preventing birth defects, maintaining eye health, making healthy skin, strengthen bones, healthy diet, and much more.

Vegetables are needed by the body, it is not surprising that people in various parts of the world know various vegetables. The following are the names of the deep vegetables Cantonese. Let's listen:

Beetroot : Tim Jhoi
Lotus Root: Lin Ngau
Asparagus: Lou Sun/Lo Sun

Spinach: Yin Jhoi/Po Jhoi
Baby Choi Sum/Baby Pak Choi: Sae Choi Sum
Large Celery Stem/Cekery: Sai Ghan
Onion : Yeong Chung
Shallots : Yeung Jhung/Hong Cung Dao
Garlic: Suin Dau
Bendi/Okra : Cau Gwai
Broccoli : Sai Laan Faa
Chinese Broccoli: Kaai Laan
Beans: Let's Know

Green Chili: Ceng Lat Ciu
Big Red Chili : Hong Lat Ciu
Hot Chili: Lat Ciu
Soybean sprouts: Tae Nga Choi

Leek : Cung
Leek Prei : Chung
Kaucai leaves: Ua Chou
Celery Leaves: Yim sai

Gambas / Oyong : Sing Kwa

Corn: Suk Mai
Young/Princess Corn: Suk Mai Sam
Ginger : Kiong
Mushroom: Mo Gu/Kuu
Enoki Mushroom: Kemku
Button Mushrooms/ Food Mushrooms/ Champigon/ Portable: Mo Ku/Mou Ku
Wood Mushroom : Mok Yi
Ear Mushroom: Wan Yii
Mushroom: Joku
Dried Shitake Mushroom : Furnace
Fresh Shiitake Mushroom: Sin Furnace/ San Sin Furnace
Straw Mushroom : Cou Ku
Oyster Mushroom/ Oyster Mushroom/ Chanterelle: Sau Can Ku
Mushrooms with long stems and small: Pun Ku

Beans: You know
Green Beans: Luk Tau
Black Beans: Hak Tau
Peas/Peas : Holantau
Soybean : Wong Tau
Red Beans: Hung Tau
Long Beans: You know
Peas : Ong Tau
White Beans: Paak Tau
Peanut : Faa Saang
Kailan : Kailan
Watercress: Ong Jhoi/Cau Kan Choi
Kapri : Wan Tau
Soybean: Wong Tau
Fresh Soybean : Sin Wong Tau
Coconut : Ye Zi
Chives: You are Choi Fa
Kencur: Sa Kiong
Potato: Su Cai
Col : Ye Jhoi Fa
Cabbage : Ye Jhoi
Brussels Sprouts: Sae Ye Choi
Red Cabbage : Hong Ye Choi
Chives: You're Choi

Pumpkin : Naam Kwa
Water Pumpkin: soi kwa
Big Pumpkin: Tae Tung Kwa/Tung Kwa
Chinese gourd: Tung Kwa
Little Pumpkin : Oi Kwa
Yellow Pumpkin/Small Pumpkin/Acorn Squash : Lam Kwa
Siamese Pumpkin: Hap Cong Kwa
Zucchini Pumpkin: Cu Yuk Kwa
Salted radish to mix porridge, ground beef and soup : Dao Choi
Salted lopak to cook with eggs, cooked with chili : Cai Po
White Radish : Mister Radish
Green Radish : Jing Radish

Mr. Big Choi : Siu Dhong Choi
Paprika: Hung Ciu Sik
Green Peppers : Ceng Dim Lat Ciu
Yellow Peppers : Wong Dim Lat Ciu
Red Peppers: Hong Dim Lat Ciu
Three Color Peppers: Sam Sek Ciu/Dim Lat Ciu
Pare Panjang: Fu Kwa
Big Pare : Lion Kwa

Bamboo shoots: Zuk Seon
Seaweed: Ci Jhoi

Sawi : Sir Jhoi
Mustard greens: Jhoi Sam
Great Chicory : Wong Nga Sir
Small Chicory : Wawa Choi
Hair Vegetable: Fat Jhoi
Stem Celery: Gan Jhoi
Celery Leaves: Sai Gan
Lettuce: Sang Jhoi
Watercress/Kenco: Sai Yeong Choi
Round Lettuce : Sae Sang Choi
Long Lettuce : Yau Mak Choi
Lemongrass/Kamijara : Heong Mau

Bean sprouts: Tau Nga Jhoi
Taro: Wu Dhau
Eggplant : Ai Kwa/Ngai Kwa/Ghei Chi
Cucumber: Jheng Kwa
Timun Bulu/ Hairy Marrow: Ci Kwa
Cucumber Gold: Wong Kwa
Big Old Cucumber : Lou Wong Kwa
Tomato : Faan Ge
Cherry tomatoes: Ghe Cai/Fan Ghe Cao

Sweet Potatoes: Faan Syu

Water Chestnut : Ma Dha
Carrots: Hong Lopak

Thus various names of vegetables in the language Cantonese. Hopefully it will increase your vocabulary so that you can speak Cantonese fluently. [DDHK News]

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