Israel attacks Rafah, Egypt threatens to revoke the Camp David Agreement

A new war threatens to break out in the Middle East between Israel and Egypt after Cairo threatened to suspend the Camp David agreement.
Egypt expressed this threat if Israel dared to attack the Palestinian city of Rafah.

As reported by CNN Indonesia, the Camp David agreement was a peace agreement between Israel and Egypt in 1978 after being involved in a major war. Quoted by the Associated Press (AP), this agreement later became the basis for the framework of Israel's peace agreements with several Arab countries in the Middle East.

Two high-ranking Egyptian officials and a well-known Western diplomat who knew about this said that Cairo was forced to mention the Camp David agreement after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu insisted on deploying troops to bombard the city of Rafah. Apart from Egypt, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and a number of other countries have also warned of the negative impact if Israel launches an attack on Rafah.

Kuwait, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on Saturday (10/2/2024) condemned the Israeli army's plan to attack Rafah, which is south of the Gaza Strip. Kuwait's Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed its deep concern over the Israeli occupation forces' plans to attack the city of Rafah in the Gaza Strip after forcibly deporting its civilians.

As quoted from Anadolu, Sunday (11/2/2024), Kuwait also reiterated its position urging the international community and the UN Security Council to fulfill their responsibilities in protecting innocent Palestinian civilians.

Qatar also strongly condemned Israel's threat to attack Rafah, which is the border area with Egypt. Doha warned of an impending humanitarian disaster in the city, which has become the last refuge for hundreds of thousands of Gaza refugees.

Qatar asked the UN Security Council to act immediately to prevent Israeli occupation forces from invading Rafah and carrying out genocide in the city. Qatar also reiterated its firm rejection of efforts to forcibly expel Palestinians from Gaza.

Meanwhile, the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed serious concern about the Israeli army's plans and preparations to launch a military operation in the densely populated area of ​​Rafah, which is filled with Palestinian refugees. The UAE warned of the serious humanitarian impact that Israel's military operation in Rafah may have.

The UAE reiterates its strong condemnation of the forced deportation of the Palestinian people and any practice that violates international legitimacy, international law and humanitarian law.

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