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Ustadzah Aini Aryani, Spreading Fiqh Understanding for Women

DDHK. ORG – Ustadzah Aini Aryani LC is often seen filling station programs television such as Islam Is Beautiful TransTV, Tanya Khazanah Trans7, Mozaik Islam HidayahTV, Islamic News Today Trans TV, Mozaik Islam MNC TV, and Yas'alunak Share Channel TV. Let's get to know more about the gait cleric.

Reporting from, Ustadzah Aini, as the congregation calls her, is an alumnus of Gontor Putri in 2003. Since her marriage she has often accompanied her husband in lecturing. Both lectures in Jakarta and its surroundings, outside the city, and abroad.

In several studies where the congregation consisted of women, many questions about Women's Fiqh were raised by the congregation. Since then he began to be involved in answering questions about the woman's fiqh.

“Finally, I was often involved in answering consultations and questions. Especially in the field of Women's Fiqh,” said Aini, the winner of the highest academic score at the 2003 KMI Gontor Putri Student Judiciary.

Ustadzah Aini is often invited to several Muslim studies with varied congregations. Starting from housewives, office workers, to college students, and schoolgirls.

The theme of the study that is carried out is usually about Sharia, in particular the comparative Fiqh of madhhab. The material is also a field that he has been practicing since his undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Sharia and Law, International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) Pakistan.

Ustadzah Aini Aryani and Fiqh

Graduate of S-2 Faculty of Sharia, Institute of Sciences Al-Quran Jakarta (IIQI) when he first married and lived in Jakarta, he often doubted the city of Jakarta as a suitable place for him to preach.
Thanks to the support of her husband, Ahmad Sarwat Lc MA, this mother of three sons was convinced that Jakarta is also a center for Islamic studies.

"And it is precisely the knowledge of Fiqh that is most needed by the community," said Ahmad.

Gradually, Aini learned that behind the concrete jungle of Jakarta, almost all of the skyscrapers were held Islamic studies there.

Currently, Ustdazah Aini's activities as the asatidz team of Rumah Fiqh Indonesia are also the editor of He is also a lecturer at the School of Fiqh e-learning at

Together with the Indonesian Fiqh House crew on Sharechannel TV, the fifth daughter of the caretaker of the female Islamic boarding school Hasan Jufri, KH Mufid Hilmi is still actively preaching Muslimah Fiqh in various ta'lim assemblies in the country.

Ustdazah Aini's childhood was spent on Bawean Island in Kebunagung Hamlet, Lebak Village. After graduating from MTs Hasan Jufri, he continued his education to Pondok Modern Gontor Putri 1. Now he is a ustadz who is known for his fiqh knowledge. [DDHK News]


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