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January Hong Kong Has Environmentally Friendly Hydrogen Buses

On Thursday (30/11/2023) the Hong Kong Citybus company stated that Hong Kong would soon have hydrogen-powered buses. The bus, which is claimed to be environmentally friendly, is planned to start operating on the roads of Negeri Beton in January next year.

“The government has granted permission for the company to operate a refueling station and use its double-decker fleet for services in Kowloon,” wrote RTHK.

Vincent Fung, Citybus' director of operations and engineering, said the company would introduce at least five more hydrogen buses next year, to compare their performance with electric and diesel-powered buses. He said his company's goal is to switch completely to zero-emission buses by 2045, in line with the government's target for Hong Kong to achieve carbon neutrality.

At the inauguration ceremony of the new bus, Chief Executive John Lee said the development of new energy transportation was a trend amidst climate change. “Franchise buses are Hong Kong's main public transport, carrying more than three million passengers every day. "I am very pleased to see Hong Kong franchise bus operators actively responding to the government's environmental policies," he said, as reported by RtHK.

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