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Israel Destroys Palestinian Homes in Al-Quds

DDHK News - Palestinian sources in Al-Quds reported that Israeli municipal officials in Al-Quds escorted by Israeli army and police forces demolished a home of Al-Quds resident, Nayep Uwaidhah, in Beit Hanena city under the pretext of not having a building permit.

The Al-Maqdisi Foundation in its explanation stated that the process of demolishing the house began with the expulsion of the Uwaidhah family consisting of eight family members, three of whom were children. The house has been occupied since 1998.

The Legal Report states, Israel's policy of demolishing houses in Al-Quds has increased, during 2010 it was recorded that 36 Palestinian homes were torn down.

The Al-Maqdisi Foundation said Israeli troops had demolished 1485 houses in the eastern part of the city of Al-Quds from 1967 to October 2010.

Israeli authorities issued verdicts for the destruction of 1322 sentences in various corners of the city of East Al-Quds. This policy of the Israeli occupation caused 3655 Al-Quds residents to be expelled, 1.699 of them children and 807 women. (Infopalestina)

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