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Dedy Irawan Victim of Flood of Construction Workers in Hong Kong?

In the last few days, the virtual world among Indonesian migrant workers (PMI) in Hong Kong has been filled with sad news about the death of Dedy Irawan as a result of the massive floods that hit the Land of Concrete. Many people are praying for this man from Blitar, East Java, who is also commonly known as Johni.

Many people know Dedy. However, quite a few Hong Kong PMIs are wondering about the identity of the deceased.

Dimsum Daily reported that a PMI died as a result of being carried away by the flood currents that hit the Concrete Country. This news portal in Hong Kong said that PMI works in the construction sector.

“In the early hours of yesterday (8/9/2023), a 32-year-old Indonesian construction worker went missing while repairing a flower tub at an independent house in Hung Kiu Lane, Sha Tin. The flower trough was allegedly damaged and collapsed due to being hit by flood water, causing the workers to be swept away by the flood. "Firefighters carried out search and rescue operations around the river, upstream, downstream and the Ma On Shan area," Dimsum Daily reported.

At around 9 am, the next day (9/9/2023), firefighters rescued the victim in the sea, about 800 meters east of Tang Chau in Ma On Shan. However, after an examination, the PMI was confirmed to have died.

It has not been confirmed whether the sad news reported by Dimsum Daily is related to Dedy or not. However, until now there has been no confirmation about other Indonesian citizens who were declared victims of the major floods in Hong Kong a few days ago.

After Dedy's death was confirmed, on Saturday night the family held a joint prayer, as well as reading Yasin and tahlilan. Based on the invitations circulating, it is known that Dedy is a resident of Ringinanom Village, Blitar.

CNN Indonesia reported that the Director of Protection for Indonesian Citizens at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Judha Nugraha, received confirmation of Dedy's death from the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia (KJRI) Hong Kong on Saturday (9/9) afternoon. "The Indonesian Consulate General in Hong Kong received information from the Hong Kong authorities that DI (Dedy Irawan) had been found dead," said Judha, in a written statement, Saturday (9/9/2023).

The Indonesian Consulate General in Hong Kong has conveyed this sad news to the families of the victims in Blitar. The Indonesian Consulate General will take care of repatriating the body of the deceased to Indonesia.

"The Indonesian Consulate General together with employers and employment agencies will facilitate the repatriation of bodies to Indonesia," said Judha.

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