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Amin Khoiriyah Wins Gold at the Taekwondo Championship in Hong Kong

Amin Khoiriyah, an Indonesian migrant worker (PMI) from South Lampung in Hong Kong, made a proud achievement. The congregation of the Al-Muhajiroh Tai Po assembly managed to be the best by winning 1st place and winning a gold medal in the Taekwondo competition which was held in Sha Tin, 20 August 2023.

“Dik Amin is my student, he has a blue and red belt. I am the Chairman of GTA (Golden Taekwondo Academy). A total of 40 GTA kids took part in the Poomsae and Kyeokpa competitions. Alhamdulillah, Amin Khoiriyah won gold in both events. Thank God, I'm very proud that GTA also won a championship trophy," said Madam Wina, Chairperson and coach of the GTA taekwondo club.

The championship trophy won by GTA is the status of the overall champion of the competition. Of the 10 taekwondo clubs that took part in the competition, the Golden Taekwondo Academy won 38 gold medals, the most gold medals. Plus, 13 silver and 10 bronze.

Apart from Amin Khoiriyah, many other PMIs also took part in the competition. The competition was also attended by more than 150 participants from various nationalities in Hong Kong, such as India, Singapore, Italy, the Philippines, Korea, Hong Kong and Nepal.

"I won 5st place in the Poomsae Yook Jang category, which was attended by 4 participants. Apart from me, XNUMX other participants were from the Philippines. The total points I got was the highest," said Amin.

Madam Vienna is not the only one who is proud of the success of her foster children. Amin admitted that he had mixed feelings when he was on the podium number 1. “Masyaallah, I am proud, touched, happy. When the red-and-white flag tied and climbed to the podium, it was extraordinary. I share the feelings of Indonesian athletes on the international stage. At that time I also remembered my parents, family, and coaches who had guided and encouraged me. What really touched me was that I remembered my hometown,” said Amin.

However, this achievement did not necessarily make Amin complacent. "But I'm still not satisfied, because there are still many friends who are greater than me. Some of them won 8 gold medals," he said.

Grandmaster Lai Tze Hong
Grandmaster Lai Tze Hong

This woman, who has worked in Hong Kong for 9 years, has been studying taekwondo for 2 years at the GTA club in Mong Kok. Apart from being trained and guided by Madam Vienna, the GTA club also received support and guidance from Grandmaster Lai Tze Hong, a level 8 taekwondo black belt in the Land of Concrete.

"And thank God, I am still actively participating in the recitation at the taklim assembly after taekwondo practice on Saturday or Sunday," said Amin.

The GTA team usually trains every Saturday and Sunday in Mong Kok.
The GTA team usually trains every Saturday and Sunday in Mong Kok.

Madam Wina explained that Golden Taekwondo Academy opens classes every Saturday and Sunday at the Mong Kok Sports Center. “GTA students come from all walks of life. Namely, PMI, residents of the Philippines, Italy, Hong Kong, Nepal, and India. We were guided by a Hong Kong taekwondo master, Grandmaster Lai 8th and Kukkiwon black belt level. I myself am a 4th black belt at the Kukkiwon level," said this woman from Central Java.

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